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Economics is about getting the most out of resources, and recognising the interconnection and dependencies that exist between activities, communities and environmental systems. It’s about valuing things properly, making good choices and ensuring goals are achieved at the lowest possible cost.

The Meta Economics consulting team is skilled in the application of economics to business and policymakers’ needs.

Welcome to Meta Economics

We are an economic consulting company specialising in industry and environmental policy analysis — and the practical application of economic theory to public policy, strategy and decision making.

We offer expert advice in a range of policy areas including:

  1. -community and environmental asset valuation and resource efficiency

  1. -climate change mitigation and adaptation policy  (specialising in emissions trading system design and impact analysis)

  1. -energy efficiency and performance benchmarking

  1. -development and application of market approaches and economic instruments

  1. -program design and evaluation

  1. -natural resource management

  1. -community and structural adjustment

  1. -Economic assessment of NSW mining proposals (under the Dec 2015 Guidelines)

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